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A situation has occurred and the main site has been temporally shut down until this problem will be fixed.

Im very sorry about any inconvenience this may become

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Thank you very much and I hope the main site will be up as soon as possible.

Till then hold on and wait for it! 🙂 Also new revisions are coming! Stay tuned!

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BTW: This is my very first WordPress site that never got shut down. Its very very old.

This is the official New Website

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Aleksandr Verbetsky Photography has officially been brought to

Here you can check out my most recent and latest work, from weddings to Designs, and everything else I have to offer. Please visit and Subscribe today!


Aleksandr Verbetsky


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A fashion Assignment has come my way and so I was off to do some shooting. I was pretty lucky enough to know two young ladies who were very photogenic  and wanted to go on the shoot with me. so I took them to downtown springfield and did some shooting. The first girl Tanya was a great model. She was looking into modeling so this was an opportunity for her to get some shots. I didnt mind doing this for her and in the meantime getting some shots for my fashion assignment. the day was beautiful. not super sunny and enough light at about 5pm to get a nice glow. I had a great time with her, she did very well. Im looking forward to doing more shoots and getting better with people.

After Tanya was lesya. she was great! And she even brought along her sisters. I picked her because I really liked her photogenetivity. Im sure thats not even a word but it sounds nice. So anyways lesya was a great model. A few tips from me and she did the rest. the sun was hot overhead at 1pm on sunday but we found some shade also in the springfield area. I really enjoyed her enthusiasm for the shoot. her good looks and serious face made taking picture fun. Only because I know this girl and she is not the one to be serious for long! 😀 but over all after about 3ish hours and getting into a marked off place. walking around springfield I got the shot I needed.

So two shoots and two different girls. the outcomes were hard too chose from. But here are the results. Enjoy!

Mountain hike with the Kishkos

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So yes this is a little tiny bit old and over due but its worth putting up. The kishkos, Their friend and I wen tot NH for the day and went hiking up the second tallest mt in the area. It was pretty chill. well at the top it was freezing but not as bad as Alaska. (wonderful place!) so the hike was lots of fun we met some people on the way up, killed a bear, fought a snowman , ate lunch and slipped on ice.. Yes the first two were fake but anywho the hike was great. the end result was beautiful! The sun was breaking through the clouds and the winds were freezing. I was kinda scared taking my camera out because of the cold but it did ok. The AF motor started slowing down and blah blah but the pictures were worth it.  Well it was worth more being there but its ok . so here are some of the shots enjoy!

Youth Camp Retreat!

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Another year at Poconos Youth camp in PA. It was amazing and the Spiritual Connection I had with God just made it that much better. Of course I couldn’t leave with out my camera.. but I did end up leaving it in the dorm most of the time. Snapping a few shots here and there I was able to capture a little piece of the action that happened that weekend at camp. i had my trusty 50mm F1.4 on pretty much the whole time. I just want to share some of the pictures I took with you Guys/Girls. 🙂 Enjoy

Camera Equipment

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Black back drop, two lights, tripod, and about $20,000 worth of equipment. (Maybe even more). So having all of this and no pictures of it.. Thats a no no in my book. So idea… turned into a mission. to capture what i have 😀 I must add this all took place at about 2 am in my basement and the excitement kept me going. As you all can tell I like photography. and taking photos of what i use well thats also something I think every photographer should maybe do once of twice. The lenses varied from a Nikon 14mm F2.8, to a Nikon 50mm F1.4 then a Nikon 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 then a Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 and finally the big ka-hoona a Nikon 300mm F2.8! ah the joy! well there really is not too much more I can say then the set up. I had two light. an Sb-900 as a main with a 12″x12″ soft box mounted to the right of the camera and an SB-600 mounted behind the subject to the left as a  kick. the power levels were Main: 1/10-1/8th power and the Kick was about 1-18th and 1-16th. and a black backdrop. the stand was a Proline Carbon fiber tripod with a bubble head.


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So my friend Artem came over and was like “hey i need a B&W picture for my art class” i was like ” ok well i just built a little set up downstairs so lets try it out. We go downstairs and take some headshots. he needed one of me to cover his assignment for class and i needed a picture to convert to B&W for my class assignment. It was a Win Win situation. the studio lighting consisted of two flash heads. an Sb-900 for the main with a 12×12 softbox and an SB-600 for a hair which i positioned later up for a few shots of my sister in the upper left wall to act as a kick and a hair light. and i uses a piece of black cloth given to me by my mother who is a semesters, so color backdrops are no problem for me 😀 we set up a little chair and took head shots. here are a few of those shots. I used the channels in Lightroom 3 to work on them giving them the look they have now. I still think there is a super amount of room for improvement so tips and help is always appreciated thanks!


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So Last night I was soaked into the world of macro splashed. It just pushed me to go and try it myself. Friday morning i get up and do my thing then i hit the basement and create a makeshift table and platform to preform this. here was my set up primarily it was camera in front Sb-800 on the side with a tissue on it to diffuse it and different color paper in the back for a background. I bounced the light off the paper and reflected onto the water with the drops. I also hung a bag of water from the celling and poked a hole in it so it drips at a constant rate and on the same place. after about 200 pictures I moved on to glass and throwing stuff in them. It was lots of fun and this kind of work I will most likely do more of. ill keep you all posted

In it goes

More from Alaska

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So another series of pictures from my trip. not much else to say than it was lots and lots of fun. hope you like it 🙂


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So its been a long time.. a really long time since i last posted anything. Well the reason behind this was Alaska. Yes finally me and my friend Filipp decided to get some tickets and go. From the whole trip I will tell  you one thing, GO AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! Yeah its about that good. well at least from everything i did and saw which wasnt too too much but a fair amount. Just the vastness of the land drew me to go see it for myself. Every mountain peak was just wow. It is by far one of my favorite places to be and hopefully God willing i will be able to go back some day and live a bit longer in the beautiful land!. I know that this is about nothing from what i actually saw there but to those that have never been or never will go here is something. One thing it really did was show me some of Gods creation and how amazing it is right to the last snowflake! I will have more pictures to come just after taking 1102 pictures it takes some time to get them all sorted and finished.

so enjoy! 😀